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Wfides has evolved from Private investment in direct projects to a new strategy based on carefully selected Funds/Certificates for maximum liquidity, lowest possible volatility, and most exquisite gains.

The change of strategy is triggered by increasing complexity in sourcing quality lands and nurturing good projects to develop. The land price increase does impact the Solar, Wind and Real estate projects and therefore decrease the profitability. In addition, the non-liquid nature of direct projects investments where cash is frozen (non-liquid) for 2 to 3 years is becoming less interesting in comparison of savvy financing placement based on strong team research with mathematical and engineering methods.

Wfides’ new Financial Strategy called 2022 and Beyond Finance is based on a very selective approach of global funds and financial markets. Strong evaluation drive to security placement with sharp ratio with high value while still managing exceptional gain above ETF, comparable Index, and peer Funds. Wfides has made the best selection of funds/certificates within

  • Disruptive Innovation (IT, environment, Life Science, robotics, genomics)
  • Resource Efficiency (addressing the ongoing demographic, technology, climate and societal shifts)
  • Green Energy (technologies specialized in producing green energy)

In addition Wfides is deploying a new semi-AI based ETF

  • Semi-AI (artificial intelligence optimization) based set of ETF’s to overcome all market conditions (ALSM/ Alpha Cancri Smart Master). The new optimization of Index and mathematic formulas is co-developped by Joël Kohli and based on 25+ years of market observation.
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