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Executive Chairman of the Board


Seasoned Chairman and Chief Executive who has delivered continuous success in creating and managing companies over the last 20 years in over 33 countries across the globe. Participated in both senior management and board positions in the creation of several successful start-up companies, invested and launched successful IPO’s and highly profitable trade sales to major global corporations (+ 1.1 Billion). 

Masters Degree in Engineering, economy and corporate Finance from the Prestigious Ecole Centrale Paris France. 




Supervisory Board member


Successful career as President & General Director for the National Algerian Construction Company and worked for the Algerian Presidency of Abdelaziz Bouteflika under the ministry of state and Infrastructure, real estate and national construction. Supervision of an ambitious construction program of creating 250,000 new residential homes per year. This included the construction of national projectsfor local roads enabling cities to interlink which continues to be a central strategy for the country. Engineering degree of Master Engineer of ETP France (ecoles des travaux public), and was a "President Directeur General" at ENAQS state owned company. Former President of  the Wonder company and managed as president of several manufacturing companies. These positions help him bring expertise and knowledge in the manufacturing investment and production and as well in real estate and Infrastructure. 

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