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WFides is a family office, which combines the strength and union of family, with the mind set of fine art investment.


This combination focuses on the common interest of increasing capital value through a weighted investment portfolio of Green Energy projects such as Solar Projects and On- and Offshore Wind Energy Projects, Infrastructure & Real Estate, Information Technology and Mineral Resources.


The strength of WFides is in its approach to investments, the combination of traditional long-term low risk assets, which make up the majority of our portfolio, with select investments in Green Energy and Information Technology, which require a more active management. This mix provides a portfolio with sound long-term returns and the potential for higher profits from select investments.


Our management combines the talent and expertise of different generations. WFides management team does provide selected services and consulting advisory desk to other investors and companies that seek state of the arts expertise with strong vertical market focus. Those services are in line with the strategy of insuring rapid business transformation and strong international business expansion for a selected company's portfolio. 

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