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WFides combines a very conservative strategy of investment in Green Energy, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Mineral Resources with those that are less capital intensive in Technology. This long-term investment strategy produces a combination of both secure long-term assets, and those with strong performing fixed income. 

Our investment strategy is driven by the selection of assets and partners where we can provide not only equity but also provide additional expertise and knowledge. Our down to earth strategy to develop and acquire MW (Energy) or m2 (Real Estate) or tonnage (Mining concession) has proven successful to lower risk while increase profitability in relatively short timing.

WFides' investment board has expertise in multiple market segments and geographies. Each investment is considered by the board with the advice of experts and our partners, ensuring they are in line with our group’s overall goals.

Actually WFides is evolving from Private investment in direct projects to a new strategy based on carefully selected Funds/Certificates for maximum liquidity, lowest possible volatility, and most exquisite gains and has therefore developed the new 2022 and Beyond Finance strategy.


Green Energy

WFides invests in Green Energies projects such as Solar Projects and On- and Offshore Wind Energy Projects and focuses especially in a Green Energy Portfolio development well positioned pertaining to grid connection and with a robust IRR.

All investments are made under strict vision that our value added is leveraged when we start the development from land procurement to authorization to build then all aspects of authorization that drive the projects to “Ready to Build” state. From RTB, WFides manages all partnerships and financial aspects to move those strategic investment projects to Turnkey and create the necessary alliances based on size, regions and timing. When projects are built the value has increased and profit is generated to reinvest in new projects or to exit when time is right.

Partnerships are established with top major companies and tailored per region and per project. WFides manages the strategies and subcontracts execution to assure an extraordinarily professional completion for each project. WFides does supervise all investments with dedicated resources and a strong focus in the Technical, Legal and Financial dimension.


Information Technology

For technology investments that are generally not capital intensive, but may provide potentially higher returns, a balanced strategy of a minority interest and assistance with Technology distribution and sales support in a defined market is preferred. We can help drive value by reselling technologies and services through investment in joint ventures and reselling agreements. We are able to provide equity for the development of existing and new sales channels and support the entry into new and developing markets.

Our management teams work with portfolio investments to introduce and managing (directly if required) both new and existing products to help build both revenue and profit. WFides investments are selected on both a country and vertical market strategy. Our investment strategy for technology is tailored to Europe, Americas and the Middle East and focuses on technologies including software and value-added services for the Oil & Gas businesses as well as manufacturing.

WFides is keen to use its network to open market and invest in actual sales activities to development a defined market. This strategy has already helped us to successfully support several technological companies’ expansion, sale and IPO. Previous companies within the portfolio have included those based on technologies for Oil & Gas, manufacturing, distribution and life sciences.


Real Estate, Infrastructure and Mineral Resources

WFides invests in Real Estate such as commercial, residential and retail properties, hotels and conference centers, Infrastructure including but not limited to Road, Rail, Airports, Ports, Renewables and Social Infrastructure (Hospitals, Court Houses, Libraries and Law Enforcement) and Mineral Resources.

We work with both government authorities and private partners on the acquisition and management of assets. We are able to participate in consortia for the acquisition of both controlling and or minority positions in specific assets or portfolios. Each investment is evaluated against its guaranteed and or variable income, its market and growth potential and the security of the asset, concession and management. We are able to invest in existing, development assets and will consider early bidding risk for the suitable projects.

We take a long-term view on the profitability of both our investments and partnerships and seek to retain equity within projects for the full duration of concessions where appropriate. We are able to invest in minority positions where we feel we are able to provide value above just traditional equity investment. We believe our highly capital-intensive investment strategy drives both secured fixed income returns and provides the potential for high yield asset returns.

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